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Welcome to the site. Here you will find a growing collection of ideas, practices and projects  aligned to the concept of soft power.

While Joseph Nye's original coining of the term Soft Power has, till now, been explored mostly for its relevance to international relations, on this site we pull it back to its constituent parts and see how it can be made relevant and useful at a variety of levels.

If soft power was defined in contrast to hard power, then it must be as useful to individuals, communities and organisations as it is to nations. More than that, if one wants to understand where the macro soft power of nations arises from, then it might help to look at the micro soft power of its leaders and citizens.

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Soft Power is a 'psychosocial' phenomenon, sourced in the culture of a nation or the character of an individual.

It arises in relationship with another country, community or person and is experienced as the power of attraction. It is carried through the networks where image, reputation, and popularity are forged and is expressed as the ability to influence the decisions of others without the use of force.

Soft Power is of interest to nations because it translates directly into influence – other nations listen. It also leads indirectly to more trade, tourism and investment. It is of interest to individuals because it gives them clout. Soft powered individuals get things done because others want to support them.

Soft Power cannot be manufactured, contrived, bought or sold. But it can be generated through paying attention to behaviour, activity, values, and relationship.

Soft Power Network is a meeting point for those interested in generating soft power and a resource for those looking for practices, tools, and help to use them.

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Why soft power is more effective than hard power in our interconnected world.

Yesterday we found…


Posted by indraadnan on August 30, 2013 at 15:30

Global Governance Gets A New Image: Huffington Post

I suspect it was no accident that Simon Anholt's masterclass was held on the 28th floor of Millbank Tower -- one of the higher points in London (though, not yet the Shard). Instantly we were breathing the rarefied air of the global consultant,…


Posted by indraadnan on March 10, 2013 at 13:00

Indra Adnan's NATO address

The following is a talk given by Indra Adnan, Director of Soft Power Network to NATO at a Brussels conference convened by Stephanie Babst on the…


Posted by indraadnan on April 14, 2012 at 22:30


Finland Utilises Soft Power on Crimea Situation | FINNBAY

Finland responds to Ukraine crisis by sending monitors to Red Cross. Not so much to send aid, as to find a way to engage with the people and find out what their wishes are for the area.

India set to launch Mars exploration mission - Yahoo News UK

While India has not spent money on a global news organisation, it does act in the interests of its own soft power

'The Future of Power is in India' - The Times of India

The conference in Nagpur is the 21st in a series of such events in various cities across the country and a few cities abroad too. "India used to be the power house of the world, because its power was rooted in spirituality and benevolence of its rulers. But with the shifting of power to the west, power began to be equated with brute strength," said Juma. The Brahma Kumaris have termed the former as 'soft power' and the latter as 'hard power'. This series of talks has been organized based on their belief that power is going to return to India soon. The aim is to prepare a consensus on what kind of power India wants to have - hard or soft

Wikipedia International: How Editorial Wars Vary Dramatically By Language | All News Is Global |

Wikipedia is already a model for large-scale collaborative work, but will it also become a place of experimentation on how to resolve conflicts?

Twitter and the transformation of democracy | John Naughton | Comment is free | The Observer

This guy gets it: One of the most striking aspects of the epoch-making Commons debate on Syria was the way many MPs cited the emailed opposition of their constituents to armed intervention as a reason for voting against the proposed action.


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